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Hanging Up on the Fourth Amendment Right of Being Free of Illegal Search and Seizure

The City of Dubuque, Iowa recently passed a municipal bill outlawing the use of handheld cell phones for talking and texting while driving. The Iowa State Legislature is poised pass a similar measure in the coming months. Although enforcement of … Continue reading

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My daughter just got arrested! Can I get her out of jail?

The decision to stay in jail for 24 hours may save a person thousands in bond fees. Continue reading

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DUI, DWI, and OWI…What’s the Difference?

So what’s the difference? In Iowa, no matter what you call it, OWI or DUI, DWI or OMVI, Drinking and Driving or just plain bad luck, it’s a violation of the Code of Iowa Chapter 321J.2. Continue reading

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It’s my first OWI and I took a breath test – so why are they taking my license for a year?

Under most circumstances when someone is arrested for a first offense OWI and agrees to take a breath test, they are given notice that they’ll lose their license for six months.  But when that person has an .02 violation on … Continue reading

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